Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Viva Mexico indeed! Here's a few pics from our trip to the country just south of us. Our trip to Chichen Itza (Mayan Ruins)

Hanging out at the Aventura Spa Palace after enjoying a delicious smoothie.
After playing some frisbee (thanks, dad!)

Our favorite restaurant at the resort, I think we consumed an average of 5000 calories a day.

Scootering around the island of Cozumel

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Best Day Ever

Well, it finally happened! We got hitched! I am now a Paxman (not quite official, still have to change my SSN and get an Oregon license but I'm considering that a technicality.) We started the festivities off with a dinner on Friday night with lots of family and friends. It was held at the clubhouse in Heather and Matthew's neighborhood (Scott's sister and bro-in-law.) We had it catered by none other than Cafe Rio, delicious!

Saturday was perfect, the weather cooperated nicely and we enjoyed a beautiful day. Our sealing (marriage ceremony) was at 1pm but Scott and I had to be at the temple at noon. I won't tell you what time I got there but let's just say that Scott made it there first. No worries, I wasn't so late that we delayed the ceremony just late enough to make Scott wonder if I was going to show up. It was all due to some traffic in Sandy where I was getting my hair done, whoopsie! (Becky--I'm still getting comments on the hair! You did an amazing job!)

Once there, Scott and I had time to spend with each other, I have never seen Scott nervous until this point, he says it's equivalent to nerves before the big game but I don't know how anyone could perform a sport when they're shaking so bad!
The sealing was performed by a former temple president and he did a phenomenal job in giving us some instruction and advice. I wish I was more eloquent and had the ability of describing the sweet feelings of being in the temple, marrying the love of my life and being surrounded by family and friends, but all I can say is that is was the perfect moment, beautifully sweet and better than I could have ever imagined!

The rest of the day was amazing, filled with lots of pictures (thanks to Jen for her fabulous job), flowers and fun! We had our reception at the Alpine Art Center, kudos to Stef who did such a fab job on the flowers and centerpieces. Everything was just gorgeous! I loved every minute of it!!

As I was planning for this wedding, I had some fear that something might go wrong or that it wouldn't meet my expectations but I had nothing to worry about! From start to finish it was just as I had imagined! Definitely the best day ever!!