Sunday, January 11, 2009


Conversation overheard in the hallway at church.

Woman #1: Man, I've had something stuck between my teeth that I can't get out.
Woman #2: That's the worst
Woman #1: Yeah, I thought it was floss but I use green floss and whatever this is is white.
Woman #2: Hmmm...
Woman #1: I tried tweezing it out but that only got some of it, it's been in there since Friday, driving me crazy.
Woman#2: Hmmm, you already tried tweezing?
Woman #1: yeah, maybe it's cat hair.
Long pause.
Woman #2: Well, that's appetizing.
Woman #1: Well, I am around a lot of cats.

Cat hair?? In between your teeth??? Since Friday???? Disgusting.