Friday, January 14, 2011


If Cohen had a dictionary it would read something like this.

Baba: 1. a bottle or similar object that is filled with liquid. 2. a bite of anything.
Ba-ba: 1. it's bathtime!
Ball: any sort of round object
Ballooooon: (said with tongue sticking out) 1. helium filled mylar
BbbbBbbb: (think blowing raspberries) 1. binky 2. blanky. 3. spoon or fork
Book: 1. anything with pages. 2. please sit and read with me.
Boppa: 1. Grandpa 2. Grandma
Buhbuh: 1. goodbye 2. it's time to leave. 3. please get me out of here.
Dada: 1. Scott 2. Socks. 3. Shoes 4. pretty much anything else he doesn't have a word for.
Dahg: 1. Zoe 2. any other dog
Ella: 1. my girlfriend at daycare
Eyes: 1. be careful, I'm about to poke your eyes out.
Hat: 1. a hat. 2. any other object that can be placed on your head.
Hi: 1. informal greeting given to everyone
Hot: 1. I need a reason to not put this food in my mouth at the current time. 2. the stove. 3. the curling iron.
Mama: 1. me. 2. figure if out already lady (if said in rapid succession)
Milk: 1. the stuff that goes in bottles.
Mmmm: 1. anything that tastes delicious. 2. anything that appears to taste delicious.
Moooo: 1. what a cow says
Nana: 1. banana. 2. Snack. 3. feed me now
Nighnigh: 1. please put me in my crib I need to sleep
Nose: 1. the thing in the middle of your face.
Nuhuh: 1. not gonna do that. 2. still not gonna do that.
Uh oh: 1. get ready, I'm about to toss something. 2. whatever I tossed just hit the ground. 3. Maybe you missed it, whatever I tossed just hit the ground, you need to pick it up.
Up: 1. pick me up. 2. put me over there. 3. now that I'm up, move forward, or backward or sideways.
Wawa: 1. I'm so thirsty, pass me my cup. 2. I would really love to go on a walk with the dog.
Woof: 1. what a dog says

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steps to Christmas

**I need to take a class on computers. Really, I do. If this post could have taken me any longer I might have retired from blogging altogether. And my pictures didn't even come out the way I edited them. Next time I'll remember to skip the hours of cropping and so forth and put them in any random order and maybe it won't take me 3 months to blog again.
Without further ado, here's Cohen's steps to a memorable first Christmas (at least for his parent's anyway)...

We live in Oregon, that means you must go to a Christmas tree farm to get your tree and so that's what we did.

And then we decorated the tree but only the top half.

Did you say a red bulb or another green?
Upon arrival to Utah, a trip to see the lights at Temple Square
If only we had known the apple would be such a hit we could have saved ourselves a lot of wrapping.
And then spend the rest of the day chasing after cousin Jacob

until you can finally give him a hug.

I wish we had more pictures of Cohen with his cousins. He loved being around them and saying "hi" over and over and over again. It was a fabulous Christmas.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This little peanut turned one.

Parenting tip number one: If it is your child's first birthday make sure the memory card in your camera isn't full before you sit him in his highchair and give hime his cake.

Or you might end up with these two lovelies and nothing else.

Cohen's cake is the little yellow car. He did not wish to partake. He ate a little of the licorice from around the window and that was it.

Can hardly believe he's a year.

At his one year appointment he weighed 19.1 lbs (but weighed 21 lbs a week and a half later, I think the stomach bug at Christmas had something to do with the 19.)

And was 29.5 in tall. Which puts him in th 10th and 45th percentiles.

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