Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall, Fetish and Fetus

3 F's that really have nothing to do with each other. However, since my posting is sporadic I figure I may as well fit as many things into one post as I can.
This fall was a great one. Oregon provided beautiful weather for September, October and even the first week of November. It was better than I could have hoped for. Unfortunately, Scott and I didn't participate in too many fall activities but we did go to a pumpkin patch. Well, it was more of a big space that had pumpkins strewn about and some fun kid activities. We walked away without a pumpkin but with two bags of homemade donuts instead. We have our priorities straight.
I tried to match my belly to the pumpkins. Not too bad, eh? This pic was at 31 weeks.
On to the second F. Fetish, as in shoe fetish. Zoe's shoe fetish that is. Zoe loves my shoes. She will find them wherever they are in the house and then take them to her bed or wherever it is that she wants to lay down and snuggle with them.

This is what we came home to the other night, not a record but pretty close.

And yes, she just lays right on top of them.

On to the third F. My fetus. He's growing, and he never stays still and I love it. It's bizarre to sit and watch my stomach look like an alien is trying to pop out of it. I don't feel like I've been pregnant long enough to be done in six and half weeks. I'm sure I'm going to want to retract that statement in a few weeks but for now it's the way I feel. I've enjoyed being pregnant.