Thursday, December 27, 2007


I-tag, cyber tag, tag-schmag. It's apparently okay to tag someone who is not even aware they are participating in the game, unless the mere fact that I have a blog unwittingly pits me in the playing field. As my competitive nature will not allow me to walk away and not tag back, I give you six unknown (or little known) facts/tidbits about myself. I think that's the game we're playing unless the schoolyard bully changed the rules. Here's to you Stef...

1. When I was little I always wanted to have a broken leg (or broken anything for that matter). Here's the crazy part--my family had a rickety ceiling fan in the family room. I would turn it on high and lay underneath it hoping it would fall and somehow break my leg. Jumping off the roof would have been the more sure bet but apparently I didn't want it badly enough.

2. Oral/nasal secretions (aka thick spit/snot) gross me out. Something about them gives me the heebie jeebies yet I get great satisfaction of sucking them out of small children's/babies noses. Weird. I know.

3. I learned how to drive stick on a tractor. On my 14th birthday I flew to Whitman, Nebraska and worked on a ranch for the rest of the summer.

4. I spent way too much time as a child playing Scrabble. One of the lasting side effects is that I continually count up how much words would be worth in my head. I also have a weird tendency to alphabetize words in my head. Strange idiosyncrasy. (21 points. acdiinorssyy.)

5. Before Fergie (Stacy Ferguson) was famous she was on Kids Inc. in the 80's and I loved her! I named one of my favorite stuffed animals Stacy after her. Don't love her so much anymore.

6. I love practical jokes. This is not an open invitation, I prefer to be the planner rather than the recipient.

I now happily tag Bethany, Kymi, Heather, Renee, Jami, Btittney. Blog away.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What the...????

I have spent much of my twenties in awe of those people capable finding someone to marry. I mean really, how does it happen? The only explanation I can come up with is divine intervention. It really isn't possible any other way, I would still be floating state to state, lamenting about my 104th blind date, wondering how in the world there came to be so many socially awkward 26-30 year old men. But alas, just when you least expect it, BAM, divine intervention and I'm left wondering "what the....????" And I'm not just talking about the proton pack vacuum he's wearing on his back. Yep-that's him. Scott.

And I have promised a brief version of the proposal story (for those of you who don't know, I got engaged last weekend. Please pick your jaws up off the floor.)

My cousin Clint got married on December 15th in Salt Lake. Scott dropped me off at the airport here in Portland on the 14th and I was headed to the Mother Land. I arrived in Sale Lake and hit the ground running. I went straight form the rental car pickup to the LDS Distribution Center where my good friend Susan works and we headed off to lunch together. After lunch I made my way to Primary Children's to return some keys that I no longer need since I am no longer an employee there. :o( After visiting with some friends I made my way to Shannon's, co-conspirator #1. There I met up with Sue and Becky, co-conspirator #2. For weeks I had been looking forward to Friday night because I knew I would be partaking of some delicious, addictive pork from none other than Cafe Rio!! We met up with some friends there and as always had a grand time. One of the highlights was when Shelley held my hand for the picture. Classic. Cafe Rio was also playing some great music that night, right Shannon?

After enjoying some scrumptious Rio we made our way to Christi's for the annual Whit Elephant Christmas party. I was stoked to find out I would be in town for the party, it would make seeing my friends so much easier being that I was only going to be in town for 24 hours. It's always fun to see what gift will be fought over. In past years Brian's autographed picture, Nate and Kedrick's creations and the shrine to Brian have been highly valued gifts. This year was no different and I ended up with one of the night's hot items, the Chuck Norris, Nate and Kedrick t-shirt. Little did I know that the best gift was yet to come. As soon as the gift exchange portion of the party was over, Shannon let me know that it was time to run over to Becky's new condo to get a quick tour before Becky had to go to another party. We had planned on doing this earlier in the day since the condo was close to Christi's. We drove up to the condo and didn't even seem to notice how Shannon was hovering over me as she rang the doorbell. Don't stop reading, this is where it gets good. The door opens and What the...???? there's Scott standing in the door. I can only imagine what my face looked like, I have the propensity to make really ugly faces and being that I've never practiced complete shock and surprise in the mirror, I'm sure it was a good one. Before I could even ask what was going on Shannon was gone and Scott was leading me away from my rental car and over to his. He mentioned something about going to get dessert and as much as like dessert I was pretty sure he didn't fly from Portland to go get a sundae. We started driving and made our way to Memory Grove park. Now, mind you, it's almost 11pm and it's cold but we got out of the car to go for a little walk. The lampposts around the park still had their Christmas lights on and the snow on the ground made it light enough to see. We made our way around the path and came to a tree where Scott said something about seeing something in the tree. The first thought that popped into my head was "if he planted a ring in a tree, I'm never gonna find it in the dark." But as we got closer I saw what he was talking about. There in the tree were 18 roses. I went to retrieve the roses and when I turned around Scott was down on one knee and he proposed! I obviously said yes and we then made our way back to the car to try to defrost our fingers. :o)

So, there you have it. We'll be getting married March 22nd in the Mount Timpanogos temple in American Fork, Utah!! Holy Crap! I'm getting married!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bring on the blog wars

It has been brought to my attention that after a lengthy span of peace, the blog wars are resuming. Sad, sad day. Stef Star- I hope you are prepared for the onslaught that may ensue. Lohra- please don't disappoint, in my opinion you could be on the verge of victory. Shellinskaya- I'm asking that you take it easy on the rest of us, we are mere mortals.
Go, fight, win--Oh wait, is that football? Crap, we need a warcry.