Friday, August 29, 2008


If you know me well, you know how much I struggle with going to the dentist. I won't say I hate the dentist because it's not actually the dentist I hate, it's the whole experience. And we had plenty of experiences in the month of August. Scott unfortunately took the brunt of it, poor guy. Here's a rundown of our combined fun:

2 intial visits
2 full sets of x-rays
3 temporary crowns
2 permanent crowns
1 root canal
1 retreat root canal
1 root canal surgery
more xrays
palate ulcers
3 visits to file down high spots
4 prescriptions for clindamycin
3 prescriptions for vicodin
more ibuprofen than our livers are able to metabolize
1 prescription for decadron
36 hours of hiccoughs (straight)
Maximum dental benefits paid
Lots of dental bills

And they're still not done with us. How did we ever find each other?
Here's to a better month!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apparently we'll be taking a ferry...

Scott and I have been wanting to get up to Victoria BC for awhile now so last weekend we headed on up. We pit stopped in Seattle Friday and had a good time (minus trying to park downtown) hanging out in the city. We left Seattle early Saturday to get to Port Angeles and take the ferry over. Being slightly unprepared we were relying heavily on the directions on the Scott's iPhone. I was the navigator and Scott driving. The directions seemed pretty simple, take the 90 to the 104 and then to the 101. We kept seeing signs for the Kingston ferry along the same route we were on. Scott asked if we were going to have to take said ferry. I didn't think so, it looked like the 101 went from Edmond to Kingston, when Scott asked to look at the phone he enlightened me that white dots on a map over a body of water indicates a ferry. Oh. Apparently we were taking a ferry. And we had to wait two hours to get onto it. ugh. It slightly delayed us but by some small miracle we made the 1245 ferry to BC even though we didn't walk onto the ferry until 1. phew.

Here we are at Pike's Market in Seattle

This is the Victoria Harbor

Scott made a friend on the ferry

The Sunken Garden at Butchart Gardens.

Scott rode a horse.

I made friend's with a gardener
Taking pictures while driving at 70 mph is undoubtedly a wise choice.


The Maharaja of Kapurthala

The Maharaja of Victoria

Spotted. The Maharaja. Scott and I were quite pleased to catch a glimpse of this rare public appearance in Victoria BC over the weekend.

More of our trip later.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Noxious Weed

Noxious Weeds=Delicious Blackberries
We've been loving picking berries

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coneheads and friends

It's been a tough week or so for the dog. She spends a good portion of her time with a cone on her head. Dang allergies.

Madeleine doesn't mind the cone so much.

This is one of Zoe's cat friends. She thinks she's a cat, the cats aren't usually fooled.