Friday, August 7, 2009

Mama's boy or Daddy's little girl?

Pink or blue. Today was the day we found out. I've been dying to have this ultrasound done. Not only so that I can start shopping for this little bean but also to make sure that everything inside is in good working order. I had a slight panic attack on the way to the office and Scott was meeting me there. So, I called up one of my besties and she talked me through my moment of irrational thinking. And assured me everything would be fine. And she made me laugh. I love her for that. Thanks Miranda! You see, that's the problem with being a pediatric nurse. We know too much. My list of things to watch for on the ultrasound was more than just girl parts or boy parts. It went something like this. I won't name them all or you'll start to think I'm neurotic.

1. 4 chambered heart. check.

2. Intact diaphragm. check.

3. Enclosed spinal column. check.

4. Intestines inside belly. check.

5. Appropriate sized limbs. check.

Phew! We made it through unscathed. A healthy, growing baby. I feel blessed. We feel blessed. Life is good.

Oh-- and about those boy or girl parts. May I introduce you to our little man...