Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey guys

A few things I'm grateful for

1. This guy. I love him to bits and pieces and then some.

2. These guys. I have an awesome family.

3. These guys. I also have amazing in-laws. Lucky me!

3. These guys. How can you not smile at this picture?


Chrystal said...

What wonderful people to be surrounded by. I'm grateful you have all those people!

The Wiseman Life said...

I am grateful for Scott as well...he is the only guy that has been worthy of you!
Honestly, all the other guys you dated I just wanted to beat up! Even the one I kinda set you up with...J something...kinda rolly polly and drove a grandma car and thought it was the best thing ever....ring a bell?

I freakin miss you......

Lisa said...

Are you (and Scott) surviving the holiday lights season? We'll have to have a big party to celebrate its conclusion...I guess the fact that we only have to put up with this once a year is definitely something to be thankful for! Happy (late) Thanksgiving!