Thursday, March 19, 2009

On my mind...

In case you were wondering what's on my mind at this very moment:

Frogs. There must be a million of them outside our front door, I have yet to see one but I hear them, constantly. That in combination with the crickets. It's a chorus. Holy schmoly, they must be able to see what I'm typing, they just went silent for the first time in 72 hours.

Relief Society. Today I feel like a full fledged member. Even though my calling is in the YW. And I've been in the RS for a good 11 years now, I was even a Pres for a time. But tonight, for the very first time, I took dinner to someone who just had a baby. I think that makes it official.

Anniversary. I can't believe it's almost been a year! I'm so thankful that it was such an awesome year and not one of those, "the first year is the hardest" kind of years.

Laundry. I still have a large pile to fold on the couch. I hate laundry. Always have. But I do love to iron.

The frogs are back at it again.


Chrystal said...

Oh Kaydi Baby! You are so wonderful. I hope 1 of the 7 plagues hasn't returned just in your yard. That would be bad . . . really bad. ;-]

I'm happy that your first year has been going so well and that you have found that special person who loves you for you.

Church, it's hard to feel official. Just reading your words gave me goosebumps!

p.s. wanna come do my laundry when you finish with yours?!!

Lisa said...

What? You love to iron?!

Happy anniversary :)

Larsen's said...

I heard frogs last night too!
If you have laundry now just wait...until you have 4 kiddos. It never ends!! and ironing...that is just what you do on Sunday before church, right?
Feeling official in church...I really don't know what you mean...maybe I don't feel official???
Congrats on the one year!! It seems like you two have been together forever!!
Talk to you soon!!