Monday, April 12, 2010


I would never have guessed that something this cute :
Could make a mess like this:

That's right folks, up to the neckline. Awesome.


Telle said...

Ha Ha Ha! He reminds me of my niece!

Jami N. said...

Ok, that is hilarious! I'm guessing he is still on momma's milk...the best thing about formula is that Anna never did that!

Shannon said...

That is totally sick Kaydi.

Jill J said...

Ha! Looks like that darling bear hoody did a good job of concealing. You should have just left it on and dropped him off at grandma's or something :)

T & E's Blog said...

And let me guess, you were on your way out the door right? Always happens to me!!! Now I carry plastic bags and extra clothes in the diaper bag!

Alexis Treese said...

You would post a picture.
I love it. I bet it was so much fun cleaning that pretty mess up.