Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hmmm....I thought I was done with tag but as to not disappoint Laura, I will try to share six unknowns about Scott, which shouldn't be that difficult since only 3 of my friends outside of Portland have met him. That was quite the run-on sentence, I apologize and Scott-just remember, I love you.

1. If Scott and I were to have our own sitcom/reality show it would be called "The Nurse and the Hypochondriac." Scott has had a variety of maladies since I have known him: diabetes, spinal meningitis, pink eye, brain tumor, migraines, teratomas, enlarged heart, I could go on and on. Now, I guess to be fair he can't be classified as a true hypochondriac because he doesn't seek treatment but maybe that's why he's marrying a nurse.

2. Scott sometimes gets food obsessions. If he gets in his head something that he wants to eat, he can't forget about it, and he will crave it until he gets his fill. Some of his past favorites: Baja Fresh steak fajitas, PCG tenderloin satay, Chili's honey chipotle chicken crispers, Costa Vida pork tacos (it would be Cafe Rio but we don't have one here.)

3. Cheap shoes. Scott was recently prepared to purchase a pair of running shoes for $8. You may be thinking, "wow Kaydi, you found a bargain shopper" but if I tell you they were women's running shoes you may just be worried. :o)

4. Zoe loves Scott. I was afraid that my dog may not take kindly to Scott because she is very co-dependant on me. I shouldn't have worried. Zoe loves him, she likes to plop right on his chest when he comes over and always tries to give him kisses. yum.

5. Scott can relate anything to a Seinfeld episode. Just try him, he'll come up with something.

6. Just because this is about a TV show as well, I don't want to give you the impression that Scott watches a ton of TV, he doesn't, at all. But I think that Scott may be the only person to have seen every episode of Smallville. Who watches Smallville? :o)


The Cureton Family said...

How fun to learn some things about Scott!! And, so you know, Jason has seen every Smallville episode as well, most of them several times. Many of them are saved on the DVR and others stored on the computer. He even has some on his i-pod. Glad to know there is someone out there who shares his obsession.

Kym said...

Hey! I love Smallville! Lex is HOTT! I really do love Smallville. But I cheat I wait for them to come out on DVD. Then I watch them in one big seating! Yep, love Smallville. Sounds like your man has good taste in TV!

Lohra said...

Ah, I feel better now...but...yum? Kaydi?

Renee said...

Hilarious...and there were at least 3 on the list that I didn't know already!! Hooray! Just more evidence that you are perfect for each other.