Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dang procrastintation

I had high hopes of getting some quality posts in before we took off for Christmas but alas, it was not to be so here's some pics to let you know how December has treated the Paxmans.

If you haven't heard, Portland has been having crazy winter weather, the storms in the last week have brought more snow to Portland than has been seen here in 40 years. And it is quite the spectacle. "Arctic Blast 2008" has proved that Portland is not equipped to handle snow. At all. Not even a little bit. I think at one point we had around 12-18 inches. And then the freezing rain came, and then more snow. Good times. Don't even ask me about driving with all those yahoos on the road.
Here's a pic of our ice graveyard. All of the ice courtesy of our front lawn.

That may look like snow on the branches but it's actually ice. All of the trees ended up this way after the freezing rain. There are some ginormous (I realize that's not a word found in the dictionary. Or maybe it is now, they do update that thing from time to time. ) icicles all around as well.

Having fun in the snow.

This is the house after the first snowfall. Did I mention that church was canceled two weeks in a row. Yep, they cancel church here. Like I said, crazy.

Snow falling at night.
In the middle of all the snow Scotty had a birthday. Happy Birthday my love! And thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come over and celebrate.
Zoe wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas so here she is in her Santa Paws hat, Despite the look on her face, she is thoroughly amused and very excited to send you and yours a Merry Christmas.

So, there you have it. And now we're off to AZ, that is if our plane actually leaves.
Merry Christmas to all!!


MiRanda said...

Hope you have a great Christmas...
Can't believe the ice, your graveyard is crazy!
Enjoy your family and can't wait to hear all about your guts!

Jami N. said...

Great pictures! I hope you had a fantastic holiday. Miss you!

Jill J said...

Did you ever think....after living in SLC...that you would be taking so many pics of a snow storm? It seems so hum drum normally, but not here! Yahoo!

Brittney said...

Ice graveyard?! I like you, Kaydi Rae. Oh, and rest assured, ginormous now IS in the dictionary. I saw it on Jeopardy. I... watch that sometimes.

Jenni foo foo said...

you guys crack me the ice graveyard!

The Burtons said...

Looks like you guys had a white Christmas. How fun! You guys are so cute together. My 5-year-old is checking out your blog with me (we stayed how sick from church) and he wants to know if your dog was mad at you for making him wear that hat/beard. HA!

The Burtons said...

P.S. Have I ever told you that Scott looks like the bad guy from the show Heros? The first time I saw his picture I totally freaked! But since he hasn't killed you yet, he's probably just a look a like.