Monday, December 15, 2008


Why are the chips at Chipotle so freakin' salty?

I have some theories:
Chipotle is getting a kickback from the pharmaceuticals that make hypertension drugs.
The same guy that made the guacamole is making the chips.
Someone misunderstood the directions on the bag of chips that said serve covered in salsa, they read it as "serve covered in salt"
If Chipotle can't kill us with their calorie packed burritos they'll get us with the sodium.

Just a theory.


Nannon said...

Hi friend! I have never been there and now it doesn't seem like I would want to. Interesting theories.

Lisa said...

I have complained about this very same thing (see here). In fact, I think Matty and I discuss it every time we eat at Chipotle.

I have an alternate theory - the 'chef' who came up with the chip recipe has an unnaturally high tolerance for sodium. Meanwhile, us 'normal' people must drink 160.2 ounces of water after eating said chips just to maintain equilibrium.

The Wiseman Life said...

lol...I have never been there so sadly I can't jump on the "salty Chip" bandwagon dang it!!

Becca Martin said...

I always dig through the salty ones to find one or two delicious ones. Who really likes all of that salt? Ridiculous.

Renee said...

HEY! DO NOT KNOCK CHIPOTLE!!! THEY ARE MY BFF!!! I never get chips, maybe that's why I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just fine with the calorie laden burrito bowls (which are less calorie laden due to the bowl instead of tortilla, right? RIGHT??)