Friday, January 14, 2011


If Cohen had a dictionary it would read something like this.

Baba: 1. a bottle or similar object that is filled with liquid. 2. a bite of anything.
Ba-ba: 1. it's bathtime!
Ball: any sort of round object
Ballooooon: (said with tongue sticking out) 1. helium filled mylar
BbbbBbbb: (think blowing raspberries) 1. binky 2. blanky. 3. spoon or fork
Book: 1. anything with pages. 2. please sit and read with me.
Boppa: 1. Grandpa 2. Grandma
Buhbuh: 1. goodbye 2. it's time to leave. 3. please get me out of here.
Dada: 1. Scott 2. Socks. 3. Shoes 4. pretty much anything else he doesn't have a word for.
Dahg: 1. Zoe 2. any other dog
Ella: 1. my girlfriend at daycare
Eyes: 1. be careful, I'm about to poke your eyes out.
Hat: 1. a hat. 2. any other object that can be placed on your head.
Hi: 1. informal greeting given to everyone
Hot: 1. I need a reason to not put this food in my mouth at the current time. 2. the stove. 3. the curling iron.
Mama: 1. me. 2. figure if out already lady (if said in rapid succession)
Milk: 1. the stuff that goes in bottles.
Mmmm: 1. anything that tastes delicious. 2. anything that appears to taste delicious.
Moooo: 1. what a cow says
Nana: 1. banana. 2. Snack. 3. feed me now
Nighnigh: 1. please put me in my crib I need to sleep
Nose: 1. the thing in the middle of your face.
Nuhuh: 1. not gonna do that. 2. still not gonna do that.
Uh oh: 1. get ready, I'm about to toss something. 2. whatever I tossed just hit the ground. 3. Maybe you missed it, whatever I tossed just hit the ground, you need to pick it up.
Up: 1. pick me up. 2. put me over there. 3. now that I'm up, move forward, or backward or sideways.
Wawa: 1. I'm so thirsty, pass me my cup. 2. I would really love to go on a walk with the dog.
Woof: 1. what a dog says


Alexis Treese said...

Look like he's got it down. Right now Ginger keeps calling the clock- a cock. Awesome.

Jill J said...

so cute!!! It's so funny to see how they choose to vocalize what they want...Camille points to everything and says "more" even if she hasn't had any.

Ren, Anna & Tristan said...

Wow!! He's doing great with words for his age!