Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Forecasts and wet dogs

I like to think of myself as an optimist. Maybe this is why I am unable to believe the weather forecast unless it is predicting a nice, sunny 75-80 degrees with little humidity (that's really not too much too ask.) So, last week as I was packing for my trip to Salt Lake for my cousin's wedding I did not believe that Saturday would be 52 degrees with possible rain showers. I mean really, Friday was 75 and Sunday was supposed to be 72. How could the day sandwiched in between be so different? Did I pack warm clothing? No. Did I pack an umbrella? No. I thought the fact that I was traveling for a wedding would assure good weather. How can you have an outdoor reception if it's raining or snowing for that matter?

But alas, it was not meant to be. The forecast was correct. Well actually, it was a little bit off. The temperature never reached 52 and the possible rain showers turned into torrential down pours with intermittent snow. Perfect for a wedding.

Clint and I at Devin's indoor reception.

The forecast in Oregon has not been much better. It looks something like this: Monday-rain, Tuesday-rain, Wednesday-rain, Thursday-rain. You get the picture. I've been trying to stay positive about the rain. I keep telling myself- I love the rain, i love the rain. I'm sure it's going to start working any day now. It really isn't that bad but I never really gave much thought to what it would be like to have a dog, in Portland, in the rain. It looks a little something like this:

This is after a short walk, for those of you dog owners out there, you know that when dogs are wet for some reason their energy level is exponentially increased. So not only are the dogs wet and smelly, they are real contenders for the Shih Tzu 500. (I'm sure there is one somewhere.)

So, let the forecasts continue, I can take it. Wet dogs and all. It's gonna be great!


Jami said...

You mean you were in SLC and I didn't even know it? Bummer. I do feel the pain about the weather. The difference is my husband had a warm cozy fire lit all day Saturday. It was luscious!! Zoe is adorable, but the way, even sopping wet!

Nannon said...

Kaydi honey...is it just me, or umm, did you do your dog's hair? Really? Have you turned into one of those people? Zoe has totally sucked you in.