Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gotta Get Ahead

I have a problem. I have what some may call a competitive spirit. It doesn't always come out but when it does, watch out! This morning as I was getting off the tram I found myself practically racing a woman into the hospital. When I realized what I was doing, I took a big deep breath and then sped up even more. The best part about this was this woman was not someone I should feel the need to compete with. She was probably 60 or so with white hair and wearing a reflective vest and rain pants. But darn it, she was fast!!! I did claim victory however, well sort of, we were actually headed in opposite directions but I reached my turn first. Ridiculous behavior. Absolutely ridiculous.
I don't know why it happens and I can never predict when it will appear. Although I have noticed a trend when it comes to sports, board games, fast walking and anything else that could have a potential winner. What's my deal? I like to blame most of my negative character traits on the fact that I am a middle child. Not that I rely heavily on the analysis of birth order but I have to blame it on something and my birth order was completely out of my control.
So, I'm going to try to turn a new leaf. No more speedwalking with old ladies, and maybe I will let Bobby win at a game of Scattergories one of these days. I can't let him win at Scrabble but Scattergories I think I could do. maybe. and if not, please don't hold it against me.


Renee said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who does this. I try so hard to hide my competitive nature, but sometimes it's just out of my every day I drive home from work. For some reason I feel like I can win at driving. Almost no one passes me on the freeway...unless they are going over 100 mph...and then I just let them go and roll my eyes at how stupid they are.

I am not sure if it has anything to do with birth order. I always thought it did and that my competitive streak came from me being oldest (see...I win there too) but you being a middle child blows that theory right out of the water. Really...I can blame it on my pops...the most competitive man on the planet.

Lohra said...
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Lohra said...

I've experienced this firsthand.
Three words: snow, football, clothesline.

Bethany and Cameron said...

Kaydi, this is the funniest blog I have ever read! You are hilarious! I'm gonna try and call you this week! "Try" being the key word here--somehow I am no longer in control of anything!:) Love you!

Brittney said...

Yeah, it's always nice to have something to place the blame on. One time my roommates and I blamed everything on the mold in our apartment. "Why are you so tired?" "It's the mold." "Why does your carpet smell?" "It's moldy." "Why aren't you married?" "Mold." It was quite useful.

And, to me, your competitive streak is part of what makes you so fun. It's so enjoyable to see that fire come out of nowhere. I love it!

A STAR is born said...

Wow. Mold as scapegoat--I'm excited to give that a try.
And I resent someone saying this is the funniest blog in the world. I mean, how can they possibly know that? Have they read all the blogs in the world?
However, I will say that I liked this post just fine. Mighty fine. That old lady had it coming, with her rain pants and city slicker attitude. Who the crap does she think she is, anyway? What, like her business at the hospital is more important than yours? She's gonna go "save lives" or something? Yeah, right.
Have I mentioned that you are part of the biggest blog war in the history of the 2000s? You have unwittingly pitted your wit against that of such blogmasters as Lohra, Shellinskaya, StefStar, and Mitt Romney. I hear Ken Jennings or whatever has a really clever one too--He's that wicked smart Mormon who won the Jeopardy Olympics or something. Do you feel ready to compete with that, sucka? That's blog caliber to the max, sister! Don't think just because you found some fancy new electric blanket and you have a dog and a REAL job you can somehow out-blog us. Because everybody knows you're well on your way to super-sap, but-what-about-the-children, family vacation blogging. HA HA HA!
But you've got a really good start here. I mean that. Keep up the good work--I'll pin it up on my virtual refrigerator.